2 healthy habits.
1 tasty treat.

Introducing dailydose™, a dental chew + daily supplement all in one.
Each dental duo is packed with a powerful plaque-fighting ingredient
and vet-recommended supplements.

Vet approved. Pet approved.

For dogs of all ages & sizes
Satisfaction guaranteed
Available in:
Dental + Heart
Dental + Joint
Dental + Calm
Dental + Skin


Hard-working Ingredients for longer, younger years

Hard-working Ingredients for longer, younger years


Healthy habits shouldn't feel like a chore.

In fact, they work best when they feel like a treat. That’s why we use sustainably-sourced, vet-formulated, clinically-proven ingredients that also happen to taste great to your dog.


Great Taste

Clean Teeth

Healthy Gums

Strong Bodies

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

Good Habits

Longer Younger Years


It Starts with the Mouth

A healthy mouth is the first stop on your dog’s journey to whole-body health. In addition to preventing cavities, tooth decay, and bad breath, a healthy mouth fights infection and kick-starts digestion. That’s why all our treats are wrapped in an outer layer designed to promote good oral hygiene.

Rojelexin™: A patented formulation, derived from Honey Bee Royal Jelly (i.e. the good stuff) to break down the biofilm that accumulates on teeth and gums, shielding bacteria. Without first breaking down biofilm, a dental chew won’t work effectively.

Biopolymer Fibers: Once Rojelexin™ breaks down biofilm, biopolymer fibers can finish the job with good old-fashioned scrub action.