2 healthy habits.
1 tasty treat.

Introducing dailydose™, a dental chew + daily supplement all in one.
Each dental duo is packed with a powerful plaque-fighting ingredient
and vet-recommended supplements.

Vet approved. Pet approved.

For dogs of all ages & sizes
Satisfaction guaranteed
Available in:
Dental + Heart
Dental + Joint
Dental + Calm
Dental + Skin


Smart dogs never question a treat.


Smart dogs never question a treat.




Read on to get answers to some commonly-asked questions about our products and process.

  • What size does my dog need and how many chews are in each bag?

    Small: For dogs under 22 lbs, 30 chews per bag

    Medium: For dogs 22-66 lbs, 15 chews per bag

    Large: For dogs over 66 lbs, 8 chews per bag

  • What makes these dental chews different than others?

    dailydose™ 2-in-1 Dental + Supplement chews contain a powerful dental ingredient derived from Honey Bee Royal Jelly to fight plaque, tartar and bad breath and an inner core packed with supplements to meet your dog’s daily needs for full-body health.

  • What the heck is Rojelexin™?

    Rojelexin™ is derived from Honey Bee Royal Jelly (i.e. the good stuff). It breaks down the biofilm that accumulates on teeth and gums that shields bacteria. Without first breaking down biofilm, a dental chew won’t work effectively. Once Rojelexin™ breaks down biofilm, biopolymer fibers can finish the job with good old-fashioned scrub action.

  • Isn’t bad breath just a normal dog thing?

    No. Your dog’s mouth is the gateway to their whole-body health. Bad breath is a strong indicator of plaque, tartar and sometimes a more serious illness. By keeping your dog’s mouth healthy, you’re taking the first step in maintaining your dog’s complete body health.

  • Is one dailydose™ chew a day really all my dog needs?

    Yes! Each vet formulated dailydose™ chew is packed with enough supplements to support your dog’s daily needs for joint, skin, heart or calming!

  • How do the supplement levels in dailydose™ compare to other dental chews with supplements? Why do some treats state the supplement per chew while others state mg/kg?

    The supplement levels in dailydose™ meet your dog’s daily maintenance needs while many other treats fall short. We believe in transparency, so we list the amount of supplement per chew, where other brands list levels in mg/kg. For example – if a hip and joint treat says it has 500 mg/kg of glucosamine, a single chew may only have around 30mg of glucosamine! dailydose™ has 5x that amount depending on the chew size!

  • Can I give a Small chew to my Large dog?

    dailydose™ dental chews are available in Small, Medium and Large dog sizes, with appropriate daily servings of supplement in each. In order for your dog to get the beneficial level of supplements, and to ensure they are able to chew the treat completely and safely, we recommend giving appropriately sized chews based on the dog’s weight as indicated on the packaging.

  • Can I give my dog more than one chew a day?

    We recommend following the “Directions for Use” instructions on the pack of the bag according to your dog’s weight and only giving one chew per day unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian.

  • How long does it take for your chews to work?

    In just 30 days, dailydose will help support your dog’s normal mobility, skin, or heart! For our calming chews, you should see the calming effects of GABA and Melatonin within 1 to 2 hours.

  • Do dailydose™ Chews expire?

    dailydose™ chews have a shelf life of 2 years.

  • How are dailydose™ chews best stored?

    Store dailydose™ chews in a cool, dry place with the bag tightly sealed after each use. Make sure to keep them out of reach of children and animals.

  • Can I give dailydose™ to my cat?

    No. dailydose™ is formulated specifically dogs.

  • Can I give my puppy dailydose™?

    Dailydose™ can be given to dogs of all ages! We recommend not giving to your puppy until he or she is eating solid food easily and safely! You should consult your veterinarian before starting your dog or puppy on any supplement.

  • What is Krill? Is it sustainably harvested?

    Krill are small crustaceans serving as an important food source to large sea creatures such as whales and squid and it’s no wonder: these tiny shrimp-like creatures are not only a powerful superfood, but they also help transport good fats and antioxidants to cell membranes to power healthy bodies. Our krill is sustainably harvested from the Antarctic Ocean.

  • What are the nutrition facts?

    Calorie Count: Small: 40 kcal/chew, Medium: 80kcal/chew. Large: 150 kcal/chew

    Fat Content: Each chew has 3% minimum fat content

    Protein Content: Each chew has 4.7% minimum protein content

    Supplement levels are tested with each batch to make sure levels are maintained through the baking process.